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CYMOT makes use of a hub and spoke distribution system from its Central Warehouses located at Newcastle Street in the Northern Industrial Area of Windhoek.¬† From this location every business unit is replenished daily according to the demand forecasting is done on all stock keeping units on a daily basis through the stock optimization software “JustEnough”, ensuring the delivery of the products is done both via road and rail, depending on the urgency of the consignment. Urgent consignments are delivered to the respective branch at the start of business the next working day. Demand forecasting is done on all stock keeping units on a daily basis through Just Enough, ensuring that the right product is wherever possible at the right place at the right time. Please see the Technology button for further information.

Central Warehouse

CYMOT Warehouse

Central Warehouse

The import warehouse is based at the CYMOT Walvis Bay business park and is used to warehouse only the imported products of the company, which are landed in the Walvis Bay harbour. A section of the import warehouse is registered as a bonded store with Namibian Customs and Excise. Depending on the demand forecasts, products are supplied from the import warehouse to the Central  Warehouse in Windhoek or directly to the respective branch or customer.

CYMOT Import Warehouse

Import Warehouse

Warehouse management and staff

CYMOT Warehouse Staff

Warehouse management and staff

Warehouse Manager

John Boois

Tel: +264 61 295-6603

Fax: +264 61 295-6600



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