Hella Spotlight

Item Number: 1F8-009797-021

N$1,501.90 Incl. VAT



Fitting Position: Outer                                

Manufacturer Restriction: Ref. 37,5           

Inspection Tag: E1 1928,ECE               

Diameter [mm]: 222

Width [mm]: 222                    

Height [mm]:  242

Bulb Type: H1, W5W

Light Design: Halogen, FF

Light Function:  with position light, with high beam

Shape: Round

Mounting Type: mounting

Fastening Type: Vertical, Suspended

Weight [g]: 1350

Depth [mm]: 49,3

Rated Voltage [V]: 12,24

Fitting Depth [mm]: 124.2

Supplementary Article/Info 2:  without bulbs                

Illuminated Area [mm]: 192

Diffusing Lens Type: Clear diffusing lens

Lens Colour: Transparent

Number of light functions: 2

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