Hella Razor Hybrid Wiper Blades

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HELLA Razor wiper blade offers car drivers an upgrade to better wiping performance. Designed with an advanced hybrid technology, HELLA Razor integrates the best features of conventional frame and flat blade for an ideal combination of style, performance and protection. Its innovative aerodynamic design offers enhanced contact with the windscreen and optimal pressure distribution across the blade to deliver a cleaner wipe.

Advance Hybrid Technolog

  • A crossover in wiper blade technology design that combines structural features of the conventional frame and the flat blade low profile design

Easy-to-use, Universally Compatible Pre-attached Adaptor

  • The pre-attached adaptor offers hassle-free and easy installation
  • Fits more than 95% of vehicles in Asia

Aerodynamic Design

  • Improved aerodynamics, resulting in a smoother and quieter operation with maximum visibility and safety
  • Optimal downward air-flow pressure provides better contact and prevents wind lift at high speeds

Maximum Durability & Reliability

  • Thick nanotechnology graphitecoated rubber to withstand greater operation stress
  • All-weather protective shell gives added protection for a longer life



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