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The Ultratec MS5131 Emergency Camping LED Lantern Twin Pack is a bright and versatile solution to your illumination needs at home and away. The lanterns each have two lighting modes – 4 LED Flashlight and 24 LED Lantern. The patented reflector is designed to provide improved light distribution. The lanterns come in a handy carry bag for easy transport and storage.


The units can be charged via either 220v AC or 12v DC power sources, and when fully charged have up to 50 hour runtime in lantern mode and  up to 100 hours when used as a flashlight. The lanterns have built in discharge and overcharge protection circuits to prevent damage to the battery.



4 LED Flashlight and 24 LED Lantern modes

50 hour runtime in Lantern mode

100 hours runtime in Flashlight mode

Built-in discharge protection circuit

Built-in overcharge protection circuit

The LED Life is 10,000 working hours

Registered silver reflector 200% brighter surround light distribution

Included: 2 rechargeable LED Lantern, carry bag, 220V AC Charger and 12V Cigarette Lighter Adaptor



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