Screw Driver IXO Vincl Bit Set

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Great DIY Tool

I love this tool. It has power and torque. Easy and comfortable to use. By far the best i have ever owned, so far it has never let me down and seems to go for a long time before a recharge is needed. It has a battery indicator to let you know when it's running out, but if you place it back in it's holder/charger it will always be charged, it will not overcharge. The Li-Ion battery doesn't deplete if not used for a while like Ni-Cad batteries do. It is of robust quality which you expect from Bosch. There are a few attachments available including a right angle adapter and a torque controller, they just twist on very easily. This is a good quality tool, if you are looking to buy a cordless screwdriver, spend a little more and get this, it really is very good.
by Wilko Braun
on 27-06-2019


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